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Trevor Kennison

Lives: Winter Park, CO

Hometown: Keene, NH

Competes: Downhill Ski Racing

Sports: Skiing, Surfing, Wheelchair Basketball, Biking, Sky Diving, Hand Cycling

Other Sponsors: High5 Foundation, Salty Bean Coffee Co.

Kind Athlete: Trevor broke his back snowboarding on the top of Vail Pass in November 2014 which resulted in a spinal cord injury. Now, he's very close to making the U.S. Paralympic Ski Team for Downhill Racing. He also is pushing towards big things on the freestyle side of mono skiing, including pulling a backflip and a road gap this year! When he's not skiing, Trevor volunteers as a peer mentor at Craig Hospital. 

"Never give up, life’s to short not to be happy :)" 

Instagram: @colombianwheels